Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Friend, Your Buddy Misses You

Denver the dog, Joan and Mabel, at Rocky Bound Pond, New Hampshire, 1970s, c. LHEF

Dancing in #13A,c. LHEF

Singing in New Jersey, 1970s, c.LHEF

At Rocky Bound Pond, 1970s, c.LHEF
Work night at the old Archives, c. 1980 with Irare, Linda, Morgan, Beth, Jan, Deb, Sam, Judith, Joan, c.LHEF

with Deborah and Rota Silverstrini-Pardo, 1970s, c.LHEF
at the First March on Washington for Gay Rights,c.LHEF

Mabel,Joan, Deborah, Judith, in the early days of LHA at #13A, c.1977, c.LHEF
At a rainy Gay Pride March, NYC, 1984 where Ms. Hampton gave her speech, "All My People" c. LHEF

"My Buddy"
(written by Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson)

Life is a book that we study
Some of its leaves bring a sigh
Tshere it was written by a buddy
That we must part, you and I

Nights are long since you went away
I think of you all through the day
My buddy, my buddy
Nobody quite so true

Miss your voice, the touch of your hand
Just long to know that you understand
My buddy, my buddy
Your buddy misses you

For all those who were lucky enough to hear Ms Hampton sing these words and for all those who find wonder in this story 

Please use this post as a jumping back point for "'I Lift My Eyes to the Hill': The Life of Mabel Hampton" (1902-October 1989) and for a visit to the Lesbian Herstory Archives

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