Saturday, October 8, 2011

This is my book of life

Our lounge room, Melbourne, 2011

The Jewish New Year has come and gone with its threat-promise of another year in the book of life; I wonder how does an occupying nation-state ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes a ray of light enters a darkened room, an unexpected light that seems to give greater value to all it touches. I speak of rooms, but perhaps I mean the gifts of seeing that refuse the popular perspectives. All honor to those who risk expulsions.

Words are not coming easy to me these days. My body and sometimes my mind falter, plague me in different ways, familiar to so many, I know. I can float away so easily, but when you write I can follow the connection, the path of still here, still touching.

My friend Leni, NYC, 2011

My friends Paula and Saskia, NYC, 2011

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