Monday, March 10, 2014

Hope Gives off a Light

Talma, Orly, Yanina--here is where my hope lies, here in the faces, the bodies of these women who stand against the Occupation in Haifa, Israel and all the women who stand in Women in Black vigils around the world. Last night just a quick glance before the television cameras moved to men with guns in the streets of the Crimean city, a group of women protesting against war as a solution to anything. Just a glance at the face of hope and hours of men lifting their guns to the skies, in meetings in right wing national conferences in the United States, in the streets of Syria, in so many places the camera lingers on the men with guns. A house of cards world, where ethics is for the lazy says a great admirer of the shiny new show. Snipers, new smart guns, that "any man could learn to use in five minutes" and it hits its target from miles away, the human as the killing drone, unseen but well sold. Look at hope, you can almost touch it.

5:19 PM (1 hour ago)
For a video of Women in Black in action in Haifa,

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