Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Farm

How can I explain that I have always wanted to have a farm near me, this girl from the Bronx who used to play wild stallion in the vacant lots of Gun Hill Road sixty years ago.

While La Professoressa walked the august streets of academic Oxford, I hung out in the square near the bus terminal, where on Sunday Market day, a middle aged man sold mostly lead soldiers but I found his quiet collection of well worn, slightly damaged farm animals, some with the word "England" stamped on their cow or horse bellies. I carried them home and discovered my love of Balsa wood and so I offer you my farm with curtains made by La Professoressa and the lovely Australian hills painted by her sister, Gayle.
How I love to make sure all are fed and ranging freely. Just another byway of my wandering heart in this my 72nd year.

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