Monday, August 8, 2011

The Glowing Sky

When I ended my last entry with the image of a Brunswick sky just after a storm has passed by, I had not seen the flames shooting out of London streets. The glow on the horizon heralds a new day, a change of climate, a coming night. I worry now about what happens, what history has shown me happens, when economic collapse based on the greed of the ruling classes, the corporate classes, forces states to care less for the needs of their populations, as we saw happening when we were in London just a few months, when fear sets in--of the loss of jobs, homes, safeties of all kinds and those doing it hard start looking for the scapegoats, the ones they can most easily reach --the migrants, the faces that represent "mulitculturalism," the faces that contradict the national self image so carefully preserved, I worry that the right wing, buillding on its religiousity, its rhetoric of us and them, will convince the majority that this is the time for bigger police forces, more jails, more crack downs on dissent, a big state with teeth and no patience. Fascism is waiting in the wings, I fear.

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  1. What a contrast you've created between the evening sky of last week and that of the burning of London this week.

    We certainly live very far away from the rest of the world.

    (Glad I rediscovered your blog. I will read more.)