Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturn is low in the night sky...

So many big things tear at me, the silences that condemn so many to sufferings we could not bear on our own bodies or on those we love and then some days of small beauties, pleasures of friends, coming to stay at our home as a way of respite, cleaning the small pond so the goldfish who ask for so little have clean habitat, their red-orange flashes part of  our morning light here. Oli, our friend for 8 years now, rests on our couch, with Cello stretched out by her side, Di does her embroidery and I cheer  on both women in the Australian final tennis match. Then, just before the planet quietly moves ahead on its own line of journey, I go up to the small deck that overlooks the rooftops of West Brunswick and beyond and first find Saturn with my naked eye and then with the good binoculars. Quietly my vision climbs the night sky and then the white roundish shape with the line through it that is one of Saturn's rings wavers into view. How immense, how far from this world of ours but now part of the intimacy of this day. Help us, dear deep wonders of the galaxy before we fall too far away.

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