Monday, January 6, 2014

How To Help in this New Year

How histories never remain silent. As I write of the suffering in Gaza, as I suggest ways to help, I remember how the US government in the 50s and before had a long list of subversive organizations and the people who supported them. I am sure they still do. Here in Melbourne, Australia, the right wing government of Tony Abbot is talking about making support of the economic boycott of Israel a crime. To all who have the desire to know and the courage to read, I thank you for not being afraid.

From the Middle East Children's Alliance:

Dear Friends,
We're sure you as horrified as we are by the pictures and stories coming from Gaza as the combination of cold weather and years of an Israeli blockade have resulted in tens of injuries, untold property damage, and the death of a child. It means so much that, with your support, we can act quickly to provide families with aid. Below is a short update from Gaza. But we are writing to you again because we must do so much more. 

We are also organizing with our partners in Lebanon about how we can continue to help Palestinian and Syrian refugees there during this harsh winter.

Many thanks,
All of us at MECA

It is still very cold in Gaza. Winter is always harder when poor families cannot afford good shelter, clothes, blankets or heat. But, now, in this disastrous cold and wet weather and ongoing blockade, the suffering of families is so much worse. We continue to suffer from the Israeli occupation in other ways too - earlier today a 24-year-old was shot and killed in northern Gaza.

As I travel all over Gaza distributing MECA's aid, I visit families who have fled to relatives or school buildings since their homes have been destroyed by rain and sewage. And I visit families still living inside houses with rain pouring in from damaged roofs and windows, and sewage covering the floors.

In just the past three days, I have been working with a team of volunteers to distribute clothing, socks, thermal underwear and plastic sheets for roofs to more that 250 families in the most devastated areas of Gaza. It is hard work but it is heartening to see the impact we are making and the way that communities in Gaza are coming together to help each other during this latest crisis.

But the weather is supposed to get even colder, with more heavy rain to come.

Please make a special contribution now. There are still hundreds of families in need of basic necessities.

From Gaza with love,
Mona El-Farra

MECA Director of Gaza Projects

P.S. Right now, we are desperate to meet people’s immediate needs for warmth and shelter.  But soon we will begin to see a health crisis from the freezing temperatures and the exposure to sewage.  Please, send the most generous contribution you can now. Thank you.

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