Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Streets of Belgrade Once Again

From Lepa Mladjenovic: Belgrade 2012, 9 November--International Day against Fascism

Hello Dear Friends,
I am back home and on the 9th of November, we, Women in Black, were on the streets at noon for the International Day Against Fascism. "We Accept Responsibility for the Genocide in Srebrenica" was the main slogan. But then so many other statements that nationalists could not possibly swallow: "We accept that the Serbian regime was aggressors in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo;" "We Accept Kosovo's Independence;" "I Am Disobedient," and more. Here are some photos I made, "International Solidarity Against Fascism" and "Anti-Fascism is My Choice." At some point I was carrying the black banner that said, "Fascism with Words and Deeds Kills People and Children."

I think of the need to take responsibility for the suffering we cause others in the name of national securities, in the name of gender certainties, in the name of economic supremacies.

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  1. and sometimes, sometimes the suffering we cause in the name of our own anger