Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journeys Within Journeys

Where the Sava meets the Danube, behind the Kalemegdan Fortress
Our dear new friend, Nela 

Only four days it was in Belgrade, but the women we met, the histories we saw, the courage of resistances in the face of economic and political despair, the laughter we shared, the work we did together in the day and in the night, the witnessing of Queen Latifah's struggles to find a place to live, to have a decent life with her partner while she zoomed around the streets of Belgrade in her taxi, our gate keeper, bringing us into Belgrade and taking us out again, Lepa's never ending wave, her hand reaching for the sky, gave us great surges of hopeful life. The journey that started with the wonderful women of the Brighton Conference, sitting around our little outdoor table, telling life stories, and brought us to Belgrade, is coming to an end. London has become a home to us now, but as I thought, it is not New York or Paris or even London that took us into needed new territories, it was Belgrade.   

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