Friday, May 8, 2015

Words from Sarajevo

May 7, 2015

"I spent all day wandering around Sarajevo. The hotel is not very close to the main/old part of the city, so it took a while to even get there--but I found the river and followed it along for a bit. I found the old Jewish synagogue looking out over the river and  took photos for you. The old town is a mixture of Turkish/Arabic/ Eastern European/Islamic arts and design. I also found a gallery exhibiting photos from the Srebrenica genocide and its aftermath. Words cannot express what these people have been through. I am hoping even more that the Women's Court Project is a success for those who have come to testify. At dinner there were tables of women from Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and others still arriving. The atmosphere is building--I have such a sense of this amazing network between many women that exists despite the continuing hatreds and nationalisms."
                                                                                                        All my love,

                                          Di in the free zone with Urska in Ljubljana in 2014

May 10, 2015

Dear Heart,
  All working out here. We've worked doggedly on our 'conclusions' and have agreed - we deliver them this morning. High anxiety about unrest in Macedonia - some women have gone home. Must rush now,
Love xxx

I hear on the radio of the military action within Macedonia and I know the women trying so hard to listen to each other and find new ways will be forced back into the old histories. My concern is with them, my love.

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