Monday, August 18, 2014

Coming to New York, London and Ljubljana, September and October, LHA's 40th Celebration and You

From the porch of our home here, looking towards a storm filled sky.

La Professoressa and I will be in New York City the first two weeks in October, then on to London for Di's work with SOAS, a quick visit with the lesbian community of Slovenia and then back to New York for our last three weeks. Two public dates I offer here. On Sunday, October 19th, at the Brooklyn home of LHA--see website--I will be hosting a day of sharing memories of the old home of LHA, a day for story telling, for communal remembering to help with writing the history of the early days of the archives. Hopefully, we will have a way of preserving the discussion. Come to share, to listen even if you never had a chance to walk through the door of 13A, come to say hello,  lay eyes on and hug.

Then on Wednesday, October 22, the 40th anniversary of LHA will be celebrated at the Gay Center; representatives of all generations of LHA women will be speaking for a short time and then all there can add to the tapestry of what LHA has meant to them over these four decades.

Please if you can, help spread the word about these events and if you want to contact me in NY--we will be staying on the Upper West Side, where living would be impossible now--just write me at

My heart is so filled with what all this means--perhaps my last time back in the geographies that gave me so much. My dear dear friends whom I miss every day. I have learned so much about the privilege of free movement, about how the heart has its own streets.

La Professoressa who will guide my steps

The Old One and the Redhead

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