Thursday, April 3, 2014

From Jeanine Olsen, friend and artist extraordinaire. We can only watch from afar but those of you who can share these moments, do so and you will carry a small part of L Professoressa and I in your pockets.

On my last visit to New York, Jeanine, glowing here, and I ate birthday cake just because

I am writing to invite you to my upcoming exhibition and numerous events at the New Museum this spring!
I am the artist-in-residence for the research and development season entitled voice. I'm presenting an exhibition, public events,an experimental opera and more. I've been very busy and am working very hard, so would love to see you at some point.

Tonight, there's a panel discussion with Gregg Bordowitz, Johanna Burton, Steve Cosson and Mara Mills on the topic of voice, at 7pm in the Museum theater. Please come! Sorry for such late notice!

The exhibition opens on the 5th floor and I would love you all to come to the reception on Thursday, April 24th from 5-7pm. Please click and add your name below so you can check in at visitor services for free admission (or email me directly). There's an afterparty at Von from 7-10 at 3 Bleecker St, New York, NY.

I'm also hosting a series of really amazing guests within the show. The events are free with admission to the Museum and there is more information about each posted here too:

May 1 – Angel Nevarez/Valerie Tevere (“Another Protest Song: Karaoke with a Message”)May 4 – Jean Casella and Five Mualimm-ak (“Voices from Solitary”) May 9 – Joy Askew (“Songs for Animals”) May 10 – Rainy Orteca (“Field Recordings) May 18 – Courtesy the Artists (“Choir Practice”) May 24 – Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (“An informal séance with the ghost of Carlos La Sombra”) May 31 – Cara Baldwin (“Human Microphone”) June 1 – Jaleh Mansoor (“Negative Articulation Toward Revolution”) June 5 – Kelly Pratt (“Live Aurihorn Performance”)

I'm also working on an experimental opera that will be presented at the Museum on June 13-14 with the objects/props in the exhibition. SO, there are many opportunities to see the show and attached programs and I hope to see you! I've attached some images and the press release below. I hope you're all well and to see you soon!

Very best,

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