Sunday, April 21, 2013

La Professoressa Through the Years

Di Otto, Melbourne, 1990
Melbourne, 1980s
4 Fitzgibbon, 2000
Adelaide, 1954
High School graduation picture, Adelaide,  1969
Great Ocean Road, 1980s

On a rainy day here in Melbourne, I wanted to give you a greater sense of the woman who brought me here. Her selves formed in histories unknown to me in their exact locations but familiar in their stances of independence,
complexity and zest.

 For La Professoressa's 50th birthday over ten years ago, in preparing a slide show--that old fashioned technology of which I was a grand diva-- I went through the photo albums La Professoressa so carefully kept through the decades, and there I found these images and so many more, of lovers, friends,family, activism, shared houses and motor bikes and children she held in her arms, over the decades.

A force of life, not different from yours or yours, but to me dear beyond what life allows.

(On the journal entry about La Professoressa's holdings in the Victorian Women's Liberation and Lesbian Feminist Archives, I have used more of these images capturing the community activism of the time.)

Melbourne, 1970s

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