Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Lesbians of Jagodina Strike Back," September 20, 2011

Always the courage and the despairs of human hearts push my own writing agendas off my pages. Today amidst the spurts of rain in golden sunlight, making Cello's hair studded with shining crytals, I wanted to tell you of La Professoressa's sojourn in Delhi and show you images of her planting, caring for our growing things, as she always does before she leaves on a long trip, the understanding being that Cello and I will care for these new lives in her absence, guard against loss, slow or sudden endings of her new beginnings, but Lepa sends me this and I must share it with you because it is the persistent resistance to hate that keeps our lives green.

"The latest news here is that in one small town in Serbia, Jagodina, where the mayor is drastically homophobic explicitly against Pride, saying 'We don't have these people in our town, this graffitti has appeared, in English! The Lesbians of Jagodina Strike Back!"

Aha, I found you, La Marvillosa, on the day you were to fly to India, setting out our daisies.

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