Monday, January 31, 2011

On the Move

Tonight we two leap into the moving world, La Professoressa and I. Cello sleeps and wakes now in Spottswood with his other family, Jane and Ann , and his skippergee sisters, Isabella and Dot. Little man, play well and long, we will be away for four months, away from this home I write from now, away from this continent where the sun now is fierce, the winds screaming heat from the desert and further north, where the floods began, now cyclones hurl their fury against the mainland, and so we had to leave you, held tightly in Jane's loving arms, your face unseeable in the night, but I know, I know, Cello dear.
We go from turbulence to turbulence. First, a quick set down in Hong Kong and then back up into the night skies and on to London. 24 hours after departure we take up residence in London town. I will speak at the Lesbian Lives conference in Brighton on Feb 12, then our Danish friend joins us for Di's birthday and then Di heads off to a feminist conference in New Delhi. In March, with Dawn and Linda, we are off to Paris for a week and then I fly home with them to New York through to April, returning with Maureen and Mike to London for a week when Di and I go to Belgrade to finally see Lepa and her community in their home streets. Enough. Suffice to say, every thing is moving; history is waiting in the streets, in the skies. Dearest Cello and all I love, how my body will hold up to this journey I do not know but Qantas awaits and our little fellow is in the best of hands. So be us all.

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