Monday, October 11, 2010

Courage in Belgrade, 10/10/10--the Voice of Lepa

Lepa, in red coat, behind the banner "Together We Can"
Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010 at 9:30 AM
dear dear beautiful Joan,
here I am. We were organizing the fourth attempt of Pride LGBT Parade here in Belgrade! and so it went totally strange, this time 5,000 policemen! can you imagine, 5,000 policement, to control 4,000 neo-nazi kids ready for violence!!
they cleared the streets around the park for Parade, but that also meant that we stood in an emptry public space!! streets that are in public vaccum!! incredible!!
I could not have full full joy, just occasionally, and then in nearby streets violence started, and yes we knew it.
so it went on--police finally took 10 by 10 activists to drive to police stations, and then we took taxi to go home!
here I am in the police car holding the banner LOVE/LJUBAV--I am on the right side in redish colors, and Tijana my best friend it sitting in blue, already phoning and the policemen are closing the door.
some joy was only at the beginning, when we entered the park, but soon we realised that we are totally in the middle of the empty streets cleared of any citizens whatsoever. they had to do it, in order to keep our safety. so then, the police got the violence instead of us.
and yes, this was a strange notion of public space without public
and yes,
this is a phase in history of the country I live in,
protest before celebration--and many years so.
but this is my only life, to survive I am activist, living the protest, breathing through every phase.
loving myself and other lesbians.
remembering lesbians before me. YOU:
I love you dearly, my dear Joanizza Buba Mara,

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