Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank You, Shebar

It means so much to me to be back on this site, to have back this added dimension to my writing life; I thank Shebar so much, the keeper of my site who struggled with me to regain this space. Perhaps it is narcissism, perhaps it is the flood of expression that marks these times, but I felt a deep loss when I lost this canvas. Here is the Todd River flowing for the first time in so many decades, flowing out of the central desert lands here through Alice Springs, that fabled and troubled town, here it is a highway of a different sort, dream time and historical time, people struggling to live in both times at once. The river is also pictured on my first blog, and I want these passages of words to flow in both directions, back to the old site and here and always to you.

1 comment:

  1. What an interesting picture of you, Regina and Eliot, an eerily spiffy trio
    at that moment. I gather you were a few months older in the park bench photo
    than in the photo which hung in your dining room, when you were holding your
    fingers in a way meant to ward off danger. You told me that Lee had said to
    you that you and she would adopt that little girl.

    We are at our age in such a thrall to lost worlds.

    Take care of yourself, old friend,


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