Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thank you, Robert Giard

Thank you, Robert Giard, so many years ago for keeping this woman's body alive as part of lesbian history, as part of Jewish history, as part of the history of protesting bodies. Deep in reading "If This is a Woman: Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler's Concentration Camp for Women" by Sarah Helm, the history of so many stigmatized bodies deemed unworthy to live and the courage of resistance. Whore, lesbian, Jew. And now so many other bodies deemed not worthy of life. Refuse, always, refuse dictated hatreds, unbreakable borders, ordained deaths at sea, behind walls, in broken streets. Stand together, the pariahs, the unwanted, stand together for the soft swell of our human, women's selves.

To see the legacy of Giard's work, his profound and beautiful portraits of queer writers which includes all of us, go to the Robert Giard Foundation website.

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