Tuesday, May 5, 2015

La Professoressa Sits, Stands and Travels

                                     In our home before La Professoressa, Di Otto, leaves for Sarajevo, May 2015

                               With Esme and Alex on our May Vigil Against the Occupation, Melbourne, May

                                                    Preparing for Departure, The Hidden Expertise of Good Packing

    My darling has just written that after 34 hours of flying, stop overs and splitting headaches, she has reached the mountain- fringed city of history- torn Sarajevo where she will be part of a Women's Justice Tribunal. For many years, Di has flown over seas to teach, to learn, to share our work with lesbian and progressive communities, with international human rights activists and when I am able, I walk alongside but now the journeys are all hers. The sheer physicality it takes to leave or arrive at this island continent, the demand on all resources for those who can muster the required funds and time and health of body is my oppositional lesson to the taken-for- granted center of all things of New York City. Now I stand at the gate, Cello by my side, waving my goodbye as she leaves in the silver top taxi or in the evening's darkness, listening for her returning to my embrace.

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