Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gaza is Under Attack, A Message from Mohammed Soliman

Our friend Hannah Saffran who for so many years along with the women of the Haifa's Women's Center has worked for peace and mutual respect in Israel, is sending out messages from the war zone, wanting us to hear. This letter came to her via David Clinch, Mohammed's friend from England.

May God bring all of us peace and safety.

It's not hard to describe what's going on here, in my little Gaza, but it's impossible to tell you of our various and different feelings in each second in the last ten days.

Ladies and Gentle men
We love, we worry, we breath, we think, we create, we learn and teach, we work and sleep.
Basically we are humans, who dare!!!
Ten days fully of death, shelling, TNT smell, wounded and martyrs pictures, and love to live with dignity.

233 until now killed, 1500 wounded, hundreds of houses totally destroyed and thousands partially.

Here under attack, you have a lot to do and worry about, holding your phone after every airstrike to check
out your friends and family still alive and receiving calls back in the next close one in the same time call some friends celebrating world cup matches results while you're trying to close your son's ears as much as you can.

"Here on the slopes of the hills, facing the dusk and the cannon of time
close to the gardens of broken shadows,
We do what prisoners do,
and what the jobless do:
We cultivate hope."

Breaking news: while I am writing the Israeli air fighters killed five more children, so it becomes 238 in a minute and we still cultivate hope.

Our supporters,
Thank you for raising the awareness of people around the world, it makes a difference.

while we are close to death, we want you to know that we are fighting to live, not to die, we are dreaming and fighting for peace and love and our humanity.

To Israelis
We mustn't die to live in safety, nobody should die.
One of you killed and 237 Palestinians, you can see and judge, you can stop the aggression and occupation, we want any kind of peace that guarantees forgive, are you ready...

To Mr Obama
If you really believe that Israeli army doesn't break the international law, you must change it!

To My People
You're very unique and strong, you're the hope, your children's souls will bring peace one day. Better days are coming because you deserve it.

To My Son,
I might lose my life, you might not be able to remember my face, but please don't forget that the power is the power to forgive...

and please support Holland and England in every World Cup, even if the always lose.

and keep telling your mother how much you love her.

Mohammed A. Soliman

A message in response:
We wish you, your family, all Palestinians in occupied Gaza, the West Bank, in Refugee Camps in Palestine and outside Palestine, in Israel and in exile, life
With much love from all of us here supporting you.
In solidarity and love
David Clinch
Chair North Devon PSC

Mohammed can be contacted on:

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