Thursday, January 30, 2014

From the skies to the street

I took a bad fall on the footpath--the Australian word for street-- yesterday. The sudden crashing down, the pain, I could not get up--just as the old adds used to say--managed to call Di to tell her and she came running down the street. Two young women helped me to my feet. My one full breast acted like an air bag in a car, taking the weight of my body. Poor breast. Off to the emergency room for x-rays--bruised ribs, black and blue all down my left side. It all happened so quickly as it does when the feet lag a little behind. One minute upright, the next sprawling in sudden displacement, from the skies to the street, an old woman trying to raise herself, a little in shock, a little in fear and hoping always, that the sky and the street will return to their known places and I to mine.

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