Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photographs by Tuan Nguyen, 2015
                            Khahn and Joan looking at the map of Vietnam to establish beginnings

Amidst the wars and killing borders, amidst the nationalistic invocations of this is ours forever, comes new friendships. On Sunday, Khahn and her husband Tuan and their daughter, Tiffany, came with all the fixings for a pho breakfast. Tuan, IT worker by day, photographer by passion and weekends, chronicled our morning together. Looking at a map of Vietnam to find sites of home,

Di leading Tiffany up to Brooklyn, our view of West Brunswick rooftops. If you look closely there in La Professsoressa's hand is one of the house's ponies, always waiting for Tiffany at 4 Fitzgibbon

all photos by Tuan Nguyen
Trying to get Khahn to allow me to help in the making of our wonderful meal, the Vietnamese mint, the meat, the broth, the chillies, the pho rice noodles, the coriander in never ending bowls

Histories stand behind us. Invasions and resistances, migrations and dreams

 Tiffany stands in our hallway, her basket of ponies clutched in her hand. She stands in so many histories, the long hallways of expectations and economic uncertainties, warm in the love of her family and friends, a gift in our home

We thank Tuan deeply for these images, for portraits of aging and of home, of caring and of learning, of shared human moments in the eye of his camera, in the eye of his heart.

all photos by Tuan Nguyen
The formal setting of two women who have lived their days together for the last 17 years, how lucky we have been, I have been.

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  1. Yours is the only blog I follow from blogger. And I see it only when I sign in differently than usual (as on this new computer). I love 'catching up' when I do that. Thank you, for all of it. And I especially love this picture of you both.