Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yesterday in Tel Aviv; Today in Melbourne--5,000 Waving Israeli Flags and Us

Today in Melbourne, Australia. Women in Black and AJDS, in times when silence is not an option.

From our flyer:
"We stand today in support of Palestinians and Israeli Arabs who want the Occupation to end, the Occupation which is destroying by its encouraging of rampant anti-Arab sentiment the very fabric of Israeli democracy. Together with numerous human rights organizations in Israel, we call for an immediate end to the siege and call for a political solution. War does not bring safety, it only claims more and more victims, including hope for a life affirming future. Occupation can never lead to a lasting peace. We stand here today to pressure Israel and its supporters to turn away from armed conflict, to avoid another cycle of violence by continuing the talks with Palestinians about plans for a fair and sustaining peace, the rehabilitation of Gaza and an ending of the blockade so the citizens of Gaza can have a full life. A few days ago in a large outdoor plaza in Haifa, Arabs and Jews met in the glow of the setting sun to forge a new solidarity in their mutual quest for peace. We stand with them this afternoon and though the coming weeks, their courage will be our sun."

Yesterday in Tel Aviv, photograph by Claudia Levin. Women in Black Peace Vigil

Women in Black, last month, in Belgrade. My sisters, our hope.

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