Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Struggle Continues

Di, Oishik, Debolina, Joan, 2013
By the bay of my late in life city, we stand together on a sunny afternoon. Now the call goes out from our young friends, to stand together in the ways of resistance. Look for such a vigil in your city, country and move beyond the borders of our own concerns.

"Dear all,

As you might already know, on December 11, the Supreme Court of India upheld India's anti-sodomy law, which was decriminalised by the Delhi High Court in 2009. Oishik and I have been part of the queer rights movement in India and have been part of the legal process as well. 

A global day of outrage is being planned all around the world to protest this judgement. We wanted to organise some kind of public action - most likely a silent stand in outside the Indian Consulate in Melbourne. We'd be very happy if you join us and also put us in touch with queer groups in Melbourne who we can contact to gather some publicity.

Please write soon with ideas.


Debolina and Oishik"


  1. Dearest Joan,
    I would like to work with you on an organized STAND UP & GET NOISY protest to the latest ruling in India, Uganda and the state of Arizona, which ruled that restaurant employers can discriminate against/ not serve any patrons they do not like the the looks of.
    I also work with two groups locally, LGBTQ Asylum Task Force, which would join us and WE LEARN.
    Can we do this?

  2. Whoops. The state legislature of Arizona, which tried to use 'religious freedom' as the cover to allow restaurants to discriminate against queer folks, was NOT signed into law because of the swift and forceful responses that led to Gov. jan Brewer not signing into law. Our protesting is working!