Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Not How I Want to Leave You

My previous post was sad, I know, but all that I witnessed in my mother, in myself, in all the lives of struggle that I saw in private and in more national ways, produced an alchemy of hope. Here is one of the new joys that keep coming into my life in these years--Casper and Jem, two young lesbians who want to change things, who take to the streets to raise their voices, said at the demonstration to stop the enforced detention of refugees, "nice beads you got," and the code was broken. Now we are planning intergenerational collaborations, another archives of shared thinking for change in the making in our sun room at 4 Fitzgibbon, far away from 13A on 92nd street but oh so closely connected, the rainbow that the young women saw when they left our home stretching over continents and decades. Their courage and their stories now the future. Now no more words until we reach our destination, La Professoressa and I. 

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