Sunday, October 31, 2010

Women in Black--On the Street Corners of the World, We Are Still Standing

ellie bernstein

 Contribute to complete the documentary, "We Are Still Standing--Stories of Women in Black." My passion to film Women in Black has taken me to Israel on two separate occasions--in 2003 and in 2006--the first time in Paris Square and Tel-Aviv, the second time, after the Israel Lebanon war, when I filmed the Women in Black of Haifa and Nazareth. I filmed the Women in Black of Belgrade and traveled with them on their fanastic bus ride to the 12th International Women in Black Conference in Italy. In Colmbia, I traveled with the courageous Women in Black of the Ruta Pacifica as they made their way through the dangerous roads to support the women in Choco. I also filmed the "Wheel" Women in Black in Seattle, standing in vigil for deaths due to homelessness. The words of Ellie Bernstein, the film maker. Ophelia's Media Productions Inc., 38 Delaware Street, Albany, New York 12202,
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Go to Kickstarter ( contribute to film on Women in Black, 
the largest Womens Peace Group in the World. View the trailer at: 

I have never loved gray hair so much as I watched the footage of Women in Black.

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